Pitching Tips
batting tips

Size up the batter, plan your move, be patient and be unpredictable! Try to be unpredictable. Mix up your pitch types and pitch locations. Try to get batters to swing at pitches OUTSIDE the strike zone. Pitches outside the strike zone are harder to hit, harder to hit on the bat Sweet Spot and if the batter does make contact, the athletes Contact & Power Attributes will be reduced for the hit result. Try to get batters out by throwing pitches with low stamina cost. Managing your pitchers stamina is very important. You only have 4 pitchers per game! Changing speeds can make it very difficult for the hitter to be successful. For example a Fastball followed by a Change Up to the same location can be very challenging to hit effectively, or immediately follow a Change Up with a Fastball. Note the faster the fastball, the more effective the strategy can be, and the higher your pitcher’s star level, the faster their Fastball is. Using pitches with "break" can trick batters into swinging at a pitch that initially looks like a strike, but bends or curves out of the strike zone as it reaches the plate. It is hard for batters to lay off a Curve Ball that starts in the strike zone but finished outside the strike zone. And a pitch that starts outside the strike zone but sneaks in for a strike can be equally devasting. Similar to mixing pitches with different speeds to throw a batter’s timing off, mixing fastballs that break followed by fastballs that don’t break can really fool batters. Batter’s will usually be more prone to swing once they have 2 strikes, so when a batter has 2 strikes and less than 3 balls, you may want to try and fool the batter with some pitches OUTSIDE the strike zone. Breaking pitches can be an extremely effective method striking batters out.